Are you stuck on how to phrase your question? Not sure what to ask? Here are some suggestions to get you going!


Topic of Concern

  • Romantic Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Past Life

  • Animal Guide

  • Financial Goals

  • How Someone Feels About You

  • Should Someone Be Trusted?

  • Clearing Emotional Blocks

  • Making Peace With Your Childhood

  • Making Peace With Enemies

  • Getting along With Others

  • Spiritual Development

  • Self Growth

  • Lessons Learned

  • What can I do to help find my soulmate?

  • What Can I Do To Advance My Career?

  • How Can I Make More Friends?

  • What Can I Do To Help Become A Better Parent?

  • What Can I Do To Overcome My Financial Challenges?

  • What Can I Do To Help Me Overcome My Grief? 

Image by Jared Rice

3 Card Spread Ideas

  • Past | Present | Future

  • Start | Stop | Continue

  • Lesson | Problem | Advice

  • Option 1 | Option 2 | What You May Need To Know To Make A Decision

  • Opportunities | Challenges | Outcome

  • What Will Hurt You | What Will Help You | What Is Your Potential 

  • What You Think | What You Feel | What You Might Need To Decide Which Is Best

  • What Brings You Together | What Pulls You Apart | What May Need To Be Focused On

  • Your Conscious Mind | Your Subconscious Mind | What You Need To Know

  • What You Can Change | What You Can’t Change | What You May Be Missing